At Corsham

At Corsham

Bath Academy of Art, Corsham in the early 1950s was unique: a progressive liberal arts college with a small student body, housed in a splendid country house and taught by staff who were to figure among the great names of 20th-century British art, including Bryan Winter, William Scott, Peter Lanyon and Terry Frost - plus James Kirkup for poetry, and training in music, dance and drama. Not surprisingly, it was the focus of a BBC television film of the time on art education. Robin Jesson was one of those early students, and this is his memoir of the heady days when art students expected to make their careers as fine artists, and enjoyed an enviably high level of personal attention.

Including photographs of the staff, students and activities, this is an intriguing glimpse into a long-lost form of artistic training.

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Robin Jesson is a painter and art teacher who was for 20 years head of the Faculty of Art and Design (School of Art) at Barnet College, North London. Now retired, he lives in Norwich.

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ISBN 978-0-9933069-5-2
Publication March 2017.
64 pages, 246 x 189 mm, including 22 black and white and halftone illustrations. Includes bibliography and index.